8 Years Strong: New Releases for You!

Explore our fresh October 2023 releases and join us as we end our 8th anniversary celebration with big 50% off savings. Dive into a world of creativity with top-notch sticky paper and sparkly gems. Ideal for card-making, scrapbooking, and crafty folks. Come party with us at HAI Supply!

Crafting Joy with HAI Supply Quality

The introduction of adhesive washi sheets by HAI Supply has revolutionized the world of crafting by providing enthusiasts with a versatile and high-quality tool to unleash their creativity and elevate their craft projects to new heights.

Artist Trading Cards (ATCs)

Delving into the realm of Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) alongside Linh’s crafting journey has been a delightful experience for us at HAI Supply, the creators of premium adhesive washi. What truly excites us is witnessing our products being used in innovative and unexpected ways. Linh’s creative process beautifully showcased the remarkable versatility of our washi paper, emphasizing its gentle yet secure adhesion—a perfect match for crafting. Her efficient and precise use of our washi tape to enhance patterned paper designs was truly inspiring. This demonstrates the endless creative possibilities our products bring to both seasoned crafters and beginners. We’re thrilled to continue supporting crafters like Linh as they push the boundaries of artistic expression with our premium adhesive washi.