Aerial Firework Pop – Up Card

Aerial Firework Pop – Up Card
by Meenal Dhariwal

I’m sharing how to create a fun pop up card which uses two pull tabs. When you pull the tabs one after the other, the aerial firework is launched and leaves it’s shell and explodes high up in the sky and makes a bright beautiful display of lights. To make this card, please follow the step by step tutorial.

Materials required:



Step 1.

– Cut a black card-stock panel which measures: 4 inches * 8 inches.

Make two horizontal slits in the center of the panel which is placed vertically. The slit’s width is slightly smaller than half of an inch, one at 3.5 inches (1a) and the second at 7 inches (1b). This will create a track for the plastic strip. 

Now, take the plastic strip and cut it slightly smaller than the slit’s width so that the plastic strip can move smoothly. It’s height is approximately 8 inches.

Then cut two bracket shaped slits [ ]  measuring 7/8 of an inch wide. One at 3.25 inches and the other at 7.25 inches.

– From the Japanese washi paper pack, choose the firework pattern paper and the largest firework from the same. With the help of a die, cut a circular disc from the black card-stock measuring 3.25 inches in diameter. Score a line with a bone folder on it slightly off center.

– We require two pull tabs for the mechanism to work.

The first measures 5.25 inches * 0.75 inches (2a).

And the second measures 9.75 inches * 0.75 inches (2b). Score a line with a bone folder at 9.5 inches on this pull tab and taper the ends slightly with a scissor from this score line to the end of the pull tab as shown in the reference.

– We also need a small tab measuring 1.25 inches * 0.75 inches. Draw a spark of light with the gel pen.


Step 2.

Insert the plastic strip through the slits, turn around the card panel and overlap the ends to make a loop. Make this overlapping near the first slit (1a). Secure the ends together with a double sided tape. Now add another piece of double sided tape on the plastic strip on the same position as the tape below. Release the liner paper and stick the top end of the pull tab (2a) to it.


Step 3.
Insert the other end of the pull tab (2a) through the slit and bring it out 

on the front side of the card panel.


Step 4.
Now cut the firework pattern from the same circle die (3.25 inches) and adhere it to the circular card-stock disc with a strong liquid glue.


Step 5.

Fold the scored line on the circular disc to make a valley fold. Stick only the small half (remember how we scored the line slightly off center) of it to the card panel at 2.5 inches, making sure the crease of the folded disc is parallel to the card panel.



Step 6.

Now fold the scored line on the second pull tab (2b) and make a mountain fold. Adhere the folded end to the circular disc so that the end of the pull tab is aligned with the crease of the disc.


Step 7.
Insert the pull tab (2b) through the bracket slits and bring it out on the front panel. (Back view of the card panel).


Step 8.

Stamp and heat emboss the ‘celebrate’ sentiment on a piece of vellum sheet and attach it to the spark tab with a liquid glue.

Stick this piece to the plastic strip towards the end (near 1b) with a double sided tape.



Step 9.

Adhere the sparkly 3mm clear white stars randomly to imitate the beautiful stars in the sky. Mount this panel on card base with some foam tape making sure nothing impedes the mechanism.


Step 10.
For the mechanism to work, pull the small tab (2a) first and then pull the long (2b) immediately.

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